What is it?

"Earn As You Learn" Education and Employment Opportunity!

US Department of Labor Registered Apprenticeship Program that combines:

  • PAID On-the-Job training with and ambulance company, hospital, or fire department in your local area
  • Online or classroom education provided by the School of EMS

Mix of Training

Earn your EMT certification within the first 12 weeks.

  • If you are currently EMT certified already, you will  bypass the EMT portion of the program
  • Combination of online/classroom education and local clinical experiences

Earn your Paramedic certification in approximately 54 weeks.

  • Once you have your EMT certification, you will begin the Paramedic portion of the program
  • Combination of online/classroom education, PAID On-the-Job training, and local clinical experiences

Apprenticeship program is completed in approximately 13-16 months.

Locations of Work/Study and Placement

During the on-the-job training, you will be placed with an ambulance company, hospital, or fire department in your local area. If you are currently working with an ambulance company, hospital or fire department, you may be able to continue working for your employer for the on-the-job training if your employer establishes a sponsor agreement with CMS.  The education portion is online or in a classroom setting. Classroom education is in select locations only. If you are completing the program online, there will be a few times during the program that you will be required to attend classroom days at the School of EMS facilities (Sioux Falls, SD and Tyler, TX). 

Funding and Monthly Stipends

The EMT- Paramedic Registered Apprenticeship Program allows for financial assistance through State Workforce Commission agencies and Veterans Administration. Eligibility for financial assistance is determined by the Workforce Commissions and the VA and is based on each individual apprentice.

Upon acceptance into the apprenticeship program, Compass Military Services will provide you with training program documentation, local Workforce Centers and VA contact information, application requirements and summary of process steps to access the funding, as well as assistance with allocation of the funding to the training expenses. Please email paramedic@compassmilitaryservices.com to begin the financial aid process.


1. Individual Training Accounts (ITA’s)

  • Veterans are eligible as “Displaced Workers” status
  • Non-veterans are eligible under a range of status’ that are determined individually at your local Workforce Center
  • Funding is issued as a “training voucher” which is then applied to training program expenses: tuition, books and supplies, and other support as determined
  • Funding is based upon local/regional availability and requires you to meet with your local Workforce Solutions counselor to determine amount needed

2. Grants

  • Availability is continually changing
  • Funding levels are unpredictable
  • Compass Military Services researches for appropriate sources for you


1. GI-Bill

  • Eligible veterans receive monthly stipends while in apprenticeship program
  • Stipends are equal to Monthly Housing Allowance (MHA) (level of E-5, with dependents) for Post 9/11 GI-Bill eligible veterans
  • Stipend amount decreases by 20% every 6 months as wages increase
  • Post 9/11 GI-Bill eligible veterans receive up to $1,000/year for books and supplies
  • Montgomery GI-Bill eligible veterans subject to differing stipend and book/supply funding based upon varying eligibility levels
  • GI-Bill does not directly pay for tuition for apprenticeship program -- You are responsible for allocating your stipends to tuition if this funding is to be used for tuition coverage

2. Vocational Rehabilitation

  • Funding and support are based upon disability rating


  1. Submit application
  2. Training funding and monthly stipend payments are coordinated
  3. DOL Apprenticeship agreement is initiated
  4. Start your work/study program!
  5. Upon completion of work/study, test and become State certified as a Paramedic (program has 97% pass rate)
  6. Continue career at work/study employer or employer of your choice